Today I was browsing facebook, being a total social media geek then I came across something very awesome! Its from an artist named Aaron Walker and his Associate Jeremy Vitry and Stephan Videlo. Its amazing what they did and i thought maybe I write an article about it and share their work with the world. Now just imagine if Blizzard and Nintendo yes Nintendo worked together to bring some of Nintendos characters to the roster? Well what these artist did just looks simply amazing! If Overwatch was on Nintendo Switch then im sure 99% of us would choose this beloved Hero of Time!



This amazing art just looks like it came out of the Game itself!! I mean the tunic is very futuristic, The master sword very cybernetic and the Hylian shield just as amazing as ever! The way Link looks is just so amazing! Just imagine if his ultimate is the same smash ultimate from Smash Bros just for overwatch. I can see Mercy getting the triforce up the ass if she tried to resurrect her minions during a payload match! Reaper getting the Master Sword hacked into his Skull!! Sombra cannot hack the Hero of Time because he can just use The song of time to reverse or even better the Song of Storms to cause mayhem upon the opposite team! Just imagine the fights!


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The 3d model rendering looks like it took a lot of love and patience just to make it this badass. Link looks like he buffed up for Overwatch. I wonder would his hylian shield stand up against Reinhardt’s charge attack? I think it could, if he can fight Ganon im sure he can with stand Reinhardt.


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Do you this is amazing as well? Do you think These guys should be hired with blizzard and nintendo to make overwatch for the switch? leave your comments below, also be sure to support their work!