Well these days it just seems that retro-gaming is making a huge comeback. Nintendo releasing the Nes system as a mini system with 30 games available. Then nintendo drops the bomb with the Snes classic with 30 games and star fox 2 never released. Whats next? Well the next thing up is definetly something worth while. The Atari Box. The atari box is something unexpected and something with very little detail, all we know is that atari is putting their shoes back on again and going outside the box by releasing a new console. But the thing is, is it retro? is it a completely new system? well Internet sources speculate that the atari box will play 2600 games as well as new ones. But I see it as a retro device like the snes classic and nes classic. There already has been 2 genesis systems out for quite a while with wireless controllers that are very horrible and of course use your old cartridges on. But enough of that lets Dab into the Atari Box!

Well again little is known about this little box of fun, other then speculating retro-gaming and modern gaming being played on it. The question on everyone’s mind is.. Just what the hell is it?
Maybe its a digital gaming device meaning no disc nor cartridges. just digital content? Maybe all the games are built in it including E.T. ? All we can do right now is just sit and wait. Lets hope something good comes out of this unlike Atari’s last console The Jaguar.


I previously made an article about the snes classic, about maybe it can be hacked just like the Nes Classic. Well from we do know is that the Snes classic will have 30 games plus star fox 2, and be hdmi ect.. Even though the console isn’t even out people are trying to nab one as soon as its on pre-order. Whatever Nintendo did with these little consoles just basically made them alot of money. I cant wait to see what the N64 classic and Gamecube Classic have in store for us. Thats if they ever decide to make them.


No word on Sega coming back into the game like Atari has but for some years people have been making mock pictures of the Dreamcast 2, saying that sega is coming back with a vengeance. It would be so awesome to see Sega come back to the Hardware game again but since the fall of dreamcast and how easy it was to pirate games on there I doubt they will be making the same mistake again. Sega has always had trouble with their consoles so I doubt they will be back. With the rise and fall of the Sega Genesis because of the peripherals added on to the system I.E. Sega cd and 32x, yea it was a tough time, The Saturn of course didn’t last long because of the Sony Playstation. Sega if you do comeback make sure its at the right time.