You can use those competitive points to unlock golden gun.

Playing Overwatch’s competitive mode gives you competitive points. And competitive points give you golden guns.

So the question now is does competitive Lúcioball let you earn competitive points, Well the answer is yes, Blizzard confirmed on Twitter on the 3rd August. You will earn competitive points from playing Lúcioball, though the amount will be less than the usual amount you earn in competitive Overwatch games.

Lúcioball is a new addition to Overwatch’s Summer Games event but it’s not the first appearance it has made in Overwatch. The ranked ladder for Lúcioball works a lot like the traditional Overwatch ladder. You’ll have to do 10 placement matches to get placed—and to earn a unique Lúcioball spray. If you can place within the top 500 Lúcioball players in your region, you’ll be awarded a second spray although that may be harder than it seems.

Gameplay has been adjusted, too. You can’t boop other players anymore, and Blizzard has changed Lúcio’s ultimate. Instead of pulling the ball toward you as his ultimate did last year, Lúcio’s ultimate now makes him stronger and faster.When Summer Games returns on Aug. 8, there will also be a new map based off Sydney, Australia for Lúcioball players to use. You’ll only have three weeks to play in this season of Lúcioball, so clear your schedules. You’ve got a new golden gun to earn.