Unreal Tournament. The Greatest FPS Ever?

Produced by EPIC Games (Gear of War developer). It was a truly awesome game. Obviously it wasn’t the first, or even the most popular at the time; but if you ask any old school shooter fan, roughly 16-17 years ago, the greatest FPS was Unreal Tournament. They had a lock on the competitive FPS market for years. They went head to head with Quake: Arena, and came out on top. Quake was the king of the hill for FPS’s after 1 and 2, but they were single player centered story driven games. Unreal Tournament came around, and turned that on its head. They had amazing environments, adjustable gravity, single and multiplayer modes, and a plethora of skins. Remember, this is back in the days of AOL, Netscape, and the heyday of dial up. For a game to run the way it did, and include multiplayer was new to some of us.

The weapons were pretty standard stuff, rocket launchers, gatling guns, BFG, laser guns, etc. The skins had no real effect on your abilities; but they at least had a storyline. The single player mode was totally story based, and it was great for the time. When the GOTY version came out, UT ruled my gaming life. Let’s put it this way, a predominantly PC game was released on consoles. The announcer/play by play voice was great. Nothing like hearing “HEADSHOT’ to get the blood pumping (as long as it wasn’t YOUR head).
A few Years later, they revamped it for UT 2003, 2004, the forgettable Unreal Tournament 3, and the XBOX exclusives, Unreal Championship 1 and 2. 2K3 and 2K4 did the impossible, and truly improved on perfection. Great gameplay, solid graphics, an extremely active fan community with mods and new skins, it was a truly golden age in the early years for FPS players. I spent many an hour in LAN parties with friends playing UT. The multiplayer modes were fun too.
The MP modes were:

Assault: This game type is played with two teams, one assaulting a “base” and the other defending it. The map is set up with objectives which the attacking team must complete (usually in sequence) such as shutting down a power generator, or entering an area. The team who first attacks then defends, and attempts to defend for the entire time they attacked. If they accomplish this, they win. If the team defending first assaults the base faster than the other team, they win. If both teams defend for the maximum amount of time the match is a tie.

Capture the Flag: Players compete to capture the other team’s flag and return it to their base. Competitive teams must use a great deal of team play. Both teams must defend the base from incoming attackers and get into the other team’s base, take their flag and return to base.

Deathmatch: A classic every-man-for-himself player vs. player combat. The objective is to out-kill all opposing players.
Domination: Two teams compete to control various control points to earn points. Standard maps contain three control points. Control of these points is initially accomplished through occupation (physically occupying the space), but control of a point continues until a player from another team occupies the space. The first team to reach the point limit, or that has the most points when a time limit has expired, wins.

Last Man Standing: Similar to Deathmatch, the player’s objective is to remain alive longer than their opponents, putting an emphasis on number of deaths rather than kills. Players start with all weapons (except the Redeemer) available, fully loaded, and have a set number of lives. Power-ups, including health and ammunition packs, are unavailable. Once a player runs out of lives, they lose.

Team Deathmatch: Up to four teams compete to out-kill the opponent teams.
There’s even a revamp/reboot coming out soon that I am excited for. Hopefully they’ll rekindle the magic that was UT.
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