We all love gaming as much as the next nerd, but these days imagination is very limited and thinning. Game companies are scrambling for the next big game or idea. The next big Halo killer app or whatever. Games these days are losing their luster because of too much competition and comparison. For example these days games are compared more for graphics and frames per a second then the love and devotion that they originated from. Alot of games are coming back from the dead and or retirement. Voodoo Vince for example was an original Xbox game that was released a couple of months ago with a fee tweets and a fresh coat of paint. Last generation of console gaming we’ve seen the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 Turtles in Time make a comeback but with a complete overhaul. Other games such as Devil May Cry, Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker and Twilight Princess were rereleased with HD graphics and so on so forth. But now we’re getting remakes. DOOM 2016 even though it’s a remake is also a tribute to the iconic franchise, with classic levels, tributes to other games it’s no wonder doom still lives on today. Crash Bandicoot is also making a comeback. With a fresh coat of paint and complete overhaul crash is back! 


we all love tomb raider even back on the pc/Playstation/Sega Saturn days. The reboot by Square Enix the creators of final fantasy and star ocean made the reboot so thriller and having so much suspense it was like being in a Indiana Jones movie. Now that is something awesome. Getting a sequel rose of the tomb raider you can see that Lara Croft even though being remade she’s still loved till this day.

Rachet and Clank (ps4)

Last year Rachet and clank received a movie to be out in theatres. It came, it saw… it failed… But luckly the same day the movie came out Sony released a reboot of the game for the ps4. Even though focusing on the movie the game had a lot of audiences saying it’s a reboot. What do you think? 


Now we all know that nerd who is basically in love with turn based rpg or that person who recently entered the realm of gaming with this classic which is now being… REBOOTED! One of the best entries in the series FFVII has fans of all kinds starving for the final product but will be in a episode format. Once square Enix releases the super HIGHLY anticipated game from its hands you can expect a review here.


Retelling the story of the son of Sparda is a challenge in its own. Especially when you have Heavenly sword developers NINJA THEORY make it. They delivered an action pack game with full of surprises and different characters it’s amazing to see how the franchise came to this. I’m hoping and wishing for a sequal.


Even though this was released on the last generation of consoles I just had to add it because it’s worthy of the title REBOOT! SPLATTER HOUSE coming from a side scroll platform to evolving into an Hack n Slash maniac you can see why it’s on here. Full of gallons and gallons and no literally gallons of blood and gore plus the amazing soundtrack keeps you going. SPLATTER HOUSE IS A DEFINITE MUST PICK